A Complete Guide to Daily Skin Care Routine in 2024

Over the years, the daily skin care routine is a practice that many of us have developed. This is a process that takes time for the best results, healthy skin doesn’t appear overnight. You need to be consistent and patient with your routine and discover what works best for you. Everybody has different skin types you do too, explore your best suitable options and the best daily skin care routine that makes a positive difference for your skin. 

You might not believe it, but the order of your daily skin care routine, be it morning or night, affects its success rate more than you think it does. As differing as the skin types are, a consistent routine includes the basic steps for all, be it a girl or even a guy. Because who doesn’t want clear skin in today’s age and time? Everyone!

With so many skincare products in the market and so many complex face-care routines on YouTube and Instagram, this blog will help you know a simplified version of the complicated steps of daily skin routine for glowing skin. 

Know Your Skin Type for Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Firstly, you need to know your skin type and your skin’s needs before deciding on your morning and nighttime skin care and selecting your skincare products. Five main skin types include normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin. Here’s how you can identify your skin type: 

  • Normal Skin: This skin type is neither dry nor oily making it a balanced combination of skin’s oil and hydration. Normal Skin type people usually don’t struggle with acne or acquire sensitivity from products.
  • Dry Skin: If you struggle with rough, flakey, or itchy skin, then your skin type is possibly dry. If your skin is dry then it's a sign that it lacks hydration and moisture, which is something you will look into products to provide the same to your skin, so that you can achieve glowing skin with a daily skincare routine.
  • Oily Skin: This skin type is usually shiny and greasy due to the production of excess oil or sebum. The excess sebum on the skin causes clogged pores and that’s the reason that oily skin type people struggle with the worst case of acne or breakout.
  • Combination Skin: As the name suggests, this skin type is both oily and dry. Oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry on the cheeks. But don’t worry, a good skin care routine will solve even the problems of such a complex skin type.
  • Sensitive Skin: This skin type is one of the nightmares to deal with, if not handled with care. Easily irritated and itchy due to changing weather or skin products, sensitive skin barrier issues that cause redness and even sting or burns after applying a product. Sensitive skin requires special care.

What order to follow for your daily face care routine at home?

Firstly, this list of orders doesn’t insinuate that you need to follow it strictly and buy products down to the T. All you need is what is required for the health of your skin and its desire. The basic concept for a healthy skin care routine on daily basis is to cleanse, treat, and moisturize. Now, let’s see how the order of skin care looks: 

  • Cleansing — Twice a day
  • Toning — Twice a day
  • Exfoliation — Once or Twice a week
  • Use Mask — Once or Twice a week
  • Treatment — Twice a day
  • Moisturization — Twice a day
  • Under Eye Care — Twice a day
  • SPF/UV Protection — Daily, without a skip (even at home)
  • Full Body Care Routine — weekly (as important as facial care routine) 

Always remember, to achieve the rule is to use the product from thinnest to thickest, which means, you should use your gels first and then your creams at the end. The most important fact is do not layer your products back-to-back. They will just pile up on your skin and provide no benefit. You should always give your products time to absorb in your skin before applying another one on top.  

Build your Regular Skin Care Routine 

Most people think it’s about cleaning your face when they hear about a “daily skincare routine”. But, no, skin care isn’t just about cleaning your but to provide hydration and nourishment to your skin. To treat any particular concern that your skin may have.

One of the most basic skincare steps includes a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen. The rest of the steps and products are just an addition as required specifically to your skin health needs such as ageing, hydration, skin barrier issues, and more.

With the additional steps, you can specifically target problems related to your skin such as dryness, oily-ness, acne purge or sensitive skin. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your personalized morning & night time skin care routine and a bonus of a full body care routine you can follow at home: 

Step-by-step Skin Care Routine — Morning & Nighttime Skincare Edition

A morning skin care routine will enable your skin to clean itself from the dirt and oils accumulated overnight. You should prep it to maintain hydration and provide sun protection. 

A nighttime skin care routine will get rid of all the impurities and makeup piled up on your face during the entire day. The routine will soothe and replenish your skin and will enable it to repair itself overnight.

Let’s prepare your dual skin care routine for the day and here’s what you need for it:

Step 1: A Cleanser (Morning+Night)

Wash your face in the morning & night to remove excess sebum & dirt that might have gotten onto your face during the night rolling around your sheets and pillows and to remove all the makeup and impurities you have gathered on your face during the day. This will help you with clogged pores and prevent breakouts. Use a gentle cleanser like Silkberry’s Aloe vera & Cucumber Cleansing Milk to maintain a healthy skin barrier. 

Step 2: A Toner (Morning+Night)

Using a toner is an optional step in a skin care routine on daily basis, but this step might help people with dry or acne-prone skin. There are different types of toners that you can apply by soaking a cotton pad with a generous amount of toner and focusing on your T-zone to remove excess oils. On the other hand, there are some toners that you can splash directly onto your face. Silkberry also brings a toner collection with natural elements like Rose & Saffron with Herbs Aromatic Skin Toner

Step 3: Treatment (Morning+Night)

If you struggle with acne breakouts or hyperpigmentation you decide on a spot treatment addition to your morning & evening skin care routine. Spot treatment is a process of treating small affected areas of your face, so this step is basically optional if you don’t have any of these problems. You need to be careful in your research or even take advice from dermatologists so you know what your skin condition exactly requires.

Step 4: Serum (Morning+Night)

If you wish to incorporate a serum in your morning & evening skincare then go for a serum with antioxidant properties. Using a serum in the morning can ensure a brightening and glowy effect for your skin. Check out Silkberry’s Skin Booster Face Serum with the enrichment of Vitamin C for glowing skin.

Step 5: Retinol (Night)

Vitamin A concentration is known as retinoids or retinol. This step should be a routine for nighttime only as retinol makes your skin sensitive to the sun and should always be followed by sunscreen the next morning. This is to improve the texture of your skin and promote collagen production for younger-looking skin. 

Step 6: Eye Care Cream (Morning+Night)

Eye care is as important if not more than the overall face care regime. The area surrounding the eyes needs proper hydration and nourishment to fight ageing and wrinkles. Adding a good eye cream will definitely up your skincare game. Use it twice in your daily skin care routine.

Step 6: Moisturizer (Morning+Night)

Have you ever heard You don’t need a moisturizer if you have oily skin or acne”? Well, this is such a big myth when it comes to skin care topics. Everybody needs a moisturizer catering to their skin, just because your skin produces excess doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a light gel-based moisturizer to maintain hydration and to soothe the skin barrier. 

Step 7: Face Oils (Night)

Using a face oil in your nighttime skincare routine is an optional step. This is usually to add more moisture and hydration to your skin. You can use it after the moisturizer by taking a few drops into your palm massaging gently for a few minutes to lock in the moisture overnight. Check out Silkberry’s essential oil.

Step 8: Sunscreen (Morning)

The Last step for the morning skin care routine should be sunscreen to provide your skin protection from the sun and harmful UV rays. This step is the most important one and you should never skip on your sunscreen if you wish for a younger-looking skin in a decade or two.

Full Body Care Routine at Home

Skin care doesn’t just end at taking care of your face but pampering your body also. You can devise a full body care routine in the comfort of your home without visiting spas or salons. Your body care session can be a weekly or bi-weekly routine aside from the daily showers plus moisturization.

This will include a thorough cleansing of your body with a refreshing body wash and then an exfoliation process to remove dead skin cells for glowing skin. Then You can use body butter for extreme moisturization to quench your skin’s thirst. End the process by applying a layer of body lotion and viola! You have completed your body care routine.  


The skincare routine is an important start and end of your day. A simplified skin care regime includes a Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen for the morning, while you can end your night by thoroughly cleaning your face followed by a moisturizer for overnight hydration. Anything else can be added to your skincare steps as per the needs of your skin.

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1. How to take care of your skin?

Ans: To take care of your skin, you need to know your skin type first. According to your skin type, build a skincare routine with suitable products. 

2. When to use toner day or night?
Ans: You can use a toner twice daily in your morning and nighttime skin care routine.

3. Which brand is best for skin care?

Ans: It’s always better to choose brands that provide organic or chemical-free products. You can check out our chemical-free product range here.

4. How to use toner and moisturizer?
Ans: Use a toner after immediately cleaning and drying your face while your skin is still damp and the moisturizer follows after. A Moisturizer is usually the last step in the nighttime skin care routine.