How to Treat Dry Skin with Body Lotion?

Transitioning from heated summers to cold winters, we bundle ourselves up with winter clothes to warm up our bodies. As much as the chilly air and colder months give you joy, your skin suffers as much due to the harsh weather. 

The dry skin causes issues like rough patches, strawberry skin, and more. But all of that could be solved if you introduce a body lotion for women to your skincare routine every day. Body lotions act as the moisturizer for your skin protecting it from moisture loss, providing hydration, and replenishing your skin. 

Why does your skin get extra dry in winter? 

Researchers say that during winters our body has lesser water retention which makes our skin dry. Our skin barrier protects us from harsh external factors and when this barrier is damaged our skin becomes irritated and dry. 

Heating our bodies leads to loss of moisture from our skin, while the cold weather, wind, and rain take away the natural oils leading to dryness. However, many factors can affect your skin to be dry such as your location, age, etc. Medical conditions can also be the cause of extra dryness even in less cold weather. If you recognize the issue you can target the root of dryness in your skin and treat it accordingly.

Body lotions are considered your best friend for healthy skin because they can lock in moisture and revitalize your skin by targeting dryness and replacing it with enough hydration. 

How to Identify if You Have Dry Skin

To identify if you have dry skin or not, you can take notice of the below-mentioned symptoms and then proceed to buy a body lotion for dry skin: 

  1. You will notice Flakiness and Peeling in your skin

If you have dry skin you will feel your skin is flaky and peeling off in areas like your face, hands, feet, etc. 

  1. You will be Itchy due to Dry Skin

If your skin is dry, it will lead to itchiness and irritated skin. It will compel you to scratch the surface often which would further damage it. 

  1. You will feel Tightness in your skin

This is the most common symptom of mild dryness as well. If you feel tightness in your skin especially after washing off or any kind of water exposure, then that hints that you should invest in a moisturizer or a body lotion. 

  1. You might notice the occurrence of Redness and Inflammation 

Dryness causes irritation which may lead to your skin looking red & inflammation. So, if this is a regular occurrence then your skin may be extremely dry. 

  1. Appearance of Fine Lines and Cracks 

When your skin lacks moisture, it can lead to premature aging, the appearance of fine lines, and cracks in several areas. This is why body lotion is a product that one should use regularly to avoid such issues. 

  1. You will notice your appearance to be Dull

Dryness in your skin affects your natural glow. You will have to properly moisturize your skin to bring back that healthy glow. 

  1. Dry Skin Causes Sensitivity 

Your skin will be sensitive and more prone to skin issues easily. It can lead to irritation, inflammation, acne, and more.

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, you’re likely to have dry skin. To treat your dry skin, you can invest in a Body lotion that targets this specific skin type. 

What Ingredient to find in a Body lotion for dry skin?

Body lotion will help you regain your skin’s healthy glow and revitalize it. A good lotion will prevent moisture loss and hydrate your skin, so, it’s necessary to be specific about the ingredients that you should choose for your body lotion. 

You should avoid ingredients that cause more dryness in your body lotions such as retinol, salicylic acid, glycolic acid etc. These chemical exfoliants can strip your skin of its natural oils even more.

For dry skin, you should get body lotion with ingredients like Cocoa, Shea, Almond, Mango kinds of butter etc. as they’re rich in texture and provide extreme moisturization to your skin. The more moisturization & hydration, the less water loss your skin will suffer. Usage of body lotion daily will repair your skin’s barrier and heal it against all the damage caused by dryness. 

Vitamin E aloe vera gel and vanilla are extra ingredients that help seal moisture into the skin. To reduce damage from environmental factors they also form a protective barrier. One of the safe, organic, and natural body moisturizers is Silk Berry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion with extreme Hydration properties, anyone can use it and it is suitable for all skin types.

  1. How to use body lotion for dry skin? 

After showering, pat your skin dry. Take an ample amount of body lotion to rub between your palms and apply it all over your body. Make sure to generously cover elbows, knees, and feet. 

  1. Is it good to put lotion on dry skin? 

Yes, it is indeed good to use a body lotion for dry skin. They help in retaining water in your skin and even prevent moisturization loss. 

  1. What is the best time to apply body lotion? 

You may use a body lotion anytime you’re feeling that your skin is dry. However, to utilize the product fully, you should apply it right after showering when your skin is warm & damp.

  1. How do I choose lotion for dry skin?

Focus on ingredients like body butter that are rich and creamy. Those popularly include shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and more.