The Ultimate Guide to De-Tan: Get Rid of Stubborn Tan at Home

In regions like India, you can’t step out of your house without having to put up with the scorching sun during summer. Direct sunlight and intense heat these days mean sun tan and sun damage due to UV rays. Exposure to heat and sun rays can be the cause of stubborn skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and let me remind you, those are very difficult to get rid of.

Removing tan can be difficult but not impossible. You can choose to approach this problem with home remedies or salon treatment, but how about a blend of both? Yes, you can use De-tan creams, Detan Face Packs, De tan face wash, and even an entire De tan Facial Kit at your home without the complexities of expensive treatments or edible mess from ingredients for home remedies.

Learn how to remove tan safely and explore its different methods. Let's begin by defining sun tan and its causes.

What is Tanning?

When you have been in the sun exposure for a longer period, the UV rays cause tanning to your skin. It is a process where the UV rays negatively affect the skin and increase pigmentation. Extreme sun exposure can lead to skin disorders where your healthy cells start to produce excess melanin to fight against the harmful effects.

Melanin production is when your skin tone takes a more brownish or darker look.

In Western countries, there’s a trend of artificially tanning your skin to get a sun-kissed skin tone and glow. But in Asian regions, it is totally the opposite, which is why the need for De tan products such as Detan face packs or De-tan creams has arisen.

How to Remove Skin Tanning?

There are several De-tan products you can use at home to get rid of skin tan, here is a list of a few of them below:

1. Detan Face Packs

Detan face packs are a popular choice for removing tan and rejuvenating the skin. They are packed with ingredients that lighten the skin tone and provide a refreshing glow. One such product making waves in the beauty market is the De-tan Mask. This pack is enriched with natural ingredients to remove skin tan and provide a radiant glow to your renewed skin. You will surely pamper your skin with the help of this product which will leave your skin smooth, glowing, and healthier.

How to Use a Detan Face Pack:

  • First, thoroughly cleanse your face and pat dry.
  • Apply the Detan face pack evenly on your face and neck.
  • Let it sit and absorb into your skin for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • Lastly, Pat dry and follow up with a Silk Berry moisturizer.

2. Detan Face Wash

Detan face wash is a convenient choice for people nowadays. Everybody uses a face wash twice daily in their skincare routine so it's easier to swap for one with de-tan properties in it too to promote tan removal more easily. A de-tan face wash will thoroughly cleanse your skin and leave it feeling refreshed while working to remove tan.

Benefits of Detan Face Wash

  • Removes dirt and impurities from deep
  • Removes tan and lighten the skin tone
  • Refreshing
  • For daily usage.

3. Detan Cream

Those who prefer that they should use a product that’ll be left on their skin overnight to work its wonder, don’t worry we have got you covered. The de-tan cream is your solution, you can apply it as a last step of your skincare routine and sleep without worry while your de-tan solution does its work. They will provide nourishment and protect your skin against the radicals that are causing damage.

How to Use Detan Cream

  • Cleanse your face and pat dry.
  • Apply the de-tan cream on your face and neck.
  • Massage gently until the cream is fully absorbed.
  • Use it twice daily for best results.

4. Detan Facial Kits

Nowadays, there are whole De-tan Facial Kit treatments available in the market that you can use by yourself in the comfort of your home. The De-tan facial kits will usually include multiple products to be used step-by-step for proper facial treatment.

Steps in a Detan Facial Kit

  • Cleanser: To cleanse and prepare the skin.
  • Scrub: Exfoliates dead skin cells.
  • Face Pack: Deeply nourishes and removes tan.
  • Cream: Provides hydration and moisturization.

How to prevent Skin Tanning?

It is better to direct sun exposure while you are going out. Here are some simple tips you can follow up on: Here are a few ways you can prevent skin tanning:

  • Avoid going out during the afternoon when sunlight & heat are peaking high in the sky.
  • Wear Cotton clothes because they’re cool on the skin.
  • Wear caps, sunglasses, arm sleeves etc to protect your skin from direct sunlight.
  • Wear SPF before going out and always reapply every four hours.
  • Use skin products containing Vitamin C as the key ingredient to lighten your skin.


Tanning can be a stubborn skin problem, but with the right de-tan products, you can get your skin’s natural glow back. Whether you choose a de-tan face pack, face wash, cream, or a complete facial kit, these products will lighten your skin and provide it nourishment. Brands like Silk Berry Detan Mask offer effective solutions to help you get rid of tan and achieve a radiant complexion.


Q. What is De-tan?

Ans: De-tan means the treatment or process of removing sun tan or the damage caused by extreme heat and sun exposure.

Q. How does Detan work?

Ans: De-tan process aims to target the damage caused by extreme sun exposure on your skin in the form of pigmentation or more. It gets rid of the excess melanin and reveals your natural glow again.

Q. How to Detan skin?

Ans: You can De-tan either with de-tan products home remedies or scientific treatments at the salon. The most convenient way to use is De-tan masks, creams, or facial kits.

Q. How to Detan face?

Ans: You can use Silk Berry De-tan Cream Mask to get rid of the tan on your face.

Q. How to Detan hands?

Ans: Try to exfoliate your hands and apply detan products if possible. Always make sure to cover properly before stepping out in the sun and use body lotion SPF for extra prevention.