Why does your Skin Need Toners & Astringents ?

Whether your skincare routine includes multiple layers, products or steps, but at last, your skin needs alcohol free skincare products like astringent and toner. 

Astringents are liquid-based formulas, usually containing Menthol, IPA, glycerin, Vit-E, colour, Natural Extracts, aqua and aroma. Skin Healers mainly astringent and toners work best on oily, acne or blemish-prone women's skin. 

Toners- The water-based formulas are typically a bit more hydrating and soothing, usually containing glycerin, aromas, aqua, natural extracts, vit- E & C and antiseptic solution. 

What are the Benefits of Astringent & Toners for Women?


Astringent & Toner both thoroughly cleanse your skin.

Helps to remove excess oil.

Make pores less visible.

Provide anti-bacterial benefits.

Skin Heakers fight acne problems too.

You can also switch between toners and astringents throughout the year if your skin changes with the seasons.